To Love and to Love Fully

One of the toughest things Jesus asks us to do is to love.

Two Hands Holding Heart Shaped Lollipops

Some might try and quote song lyrics or some poetry that says “loving is easy” but the type of love that Jesus calls us to is anything by easy.

Its not this weeks reading but the good Samaritan provides some context into the type of love calls us to.

The priest and levite that passed Jesus are often posed as some sort of villains but I see them as reflections of myself. If the priest or levite had seen a loved one or a friend laying there, I bet they would of not hesitated to help.

The priest was too concerned with his cleanliness. He made excuses to not help. “I cant be unclean” or “it wasn’t me who beat the man” or “He looks pretty dead to me already, there is nothing I can do” are all things I bet who was running through his head.

Man's Hand in Shallow Focus and Grayscale Photography

In my life I also make excuses to not love. “He wronged me first” or “They are a bad person” are things I say or think to myself when I’m called to love EVERYONE.

Jesus doesn’t call us to love those who loves us, he calls us to love EVERYONE. There are no exceptions. The murderer on the news, the friend who cheats us, the homeless man on the street, all these, Jesus calls us to love.

Jesus doesn’t call us to be walked over and to constantly exhaust ourselves being slaves to those around us but he does call us to treat people, no matter what they have done to us, with dignity and respect.

He also didn’t just love those he believed deserved to love. He loved the children who were starving and the criminal on the cross next to him equally. He understood that each and every person was worthy of love.

Monk Surrounded by Children

How do we treat the people who have wronged us? Doe we talk behind their backs? I know, I do but it’s game over for me yet.

It’s never too late to start to love others or even just take a step in that direction. What steps will you take to begin or continue to love as Jesus taught us to? How will you love fully and without discrimination going forward?

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