Get Involved!

The youth ministry has a very broad range of activities to get involved in!

If you are looking for groups to explore we have the Friday Night Live program for people in grades 5 and 6, the Altitude program for those in grades 7-12 and anyone aged 18+ can join the Vivo program. We also have groups dedicated to music which run on a 5:30 pm Sunday youth mass, which is currently looking for more musicians to participate in!

Anyone looking for leadership opportunities is also welcomed with open arms! Those in grades 8-12 are more than welcome to contact us about having a leadership position in the Friday Night live program. This would also additionally count as community service hours for those looking to get these up for a certificate or award. Additionally, we also offer training for this age group to allow one to develop leadership skills!

People aged 18+ can also take up a leadership position in the Altitude program or REACH program if they so wish. We have had many people with teaching degrees wishing to get into Catholic Education schools but needing more faith involvement and this is a perfect way to develop and show your faith in a fun and effective way.

Anyone looking to get involved are more than welcome to contact Tom through the website. We are looking forward to working with you!