Friday Night Live!

Friday Night Live!


Friday Night Live is a new program for youth in grades 5-6 and those in their last term of grade 4. Friday Night Live follows in the words of Brisbane Archbishop Mark “Young people need to experience Jesus, rather than hear it” we embody this by playing games, sharing in food and sharing our ideas and friendship just as Jesus did 2000 years ago. We excel in creating a night that is full of fun and joy for all that come along.

This program is part of our REACH series, in which we aim to create a community and build up a culture of coming along to a night. Our focus for this program is to create a fun and vibrant community that all are welcome to and one that all have an absolute blast!

The program runs 2 nights a term within the school year and all attendees are invited to a social night (Bowling, lasertag, Rollerskating ect) at the end of each term that is paired with our ALTITUDE program.

A standard night costs $5 and runs from 6pm to 9pm on a Friday night and a social night typically costs around $20 and will run at a similar time (Depending on the venue).

The form for this program is the same as the Altitude program and can be found on the Forms page. We look forward to having a fun-filled night if you choose to come along.