Inner Demons

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In last week’s Gospel reading we hear about Jesus expelling a demon from a man’s body, an age old act of exorcism, but what message does this convey to us in the modern day?

In the Gospel, Jesus is preaching to a crowd when a man rudely interrupts him and says “What do you want with us Jesus? Have you come to destroy us?” To which Jesus responds with “Be quiet! Come out of him” and a evil spirit leaves the man and the crowd is astonished.

How many of the people in the congregation would of jumped to the conclusion that this man was rudely interrupting them and judged him accordingly? As soon as they realise what had happened though, their annoyance would of quickly turned into rejoice for the man. A similar situation happens in our everyday life.

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Many of us carry our own personal demons, some more than others. Some people in our community have suffered terrible upbringings and others bear the burden of pain where ever they go. Just like the man who had the demon inside of him, many people will act in a way that causes annoyance, pain and suffering to others, yet we attribute these horrible acts to the person rather than acknowledging the pain that the individual is suffering.

Jesus Christ Stained Glass

Jesus tells us that we are all loved and treasured by God, even if we do carry around demons that plague ourselves and the people around us.

How do we treat those who may be suffering? While they may cause pain to us, do we treat them like someone who is loved and deserving of our love?

Jesus calls us to love as he does, which means to love without boundaries to all, even to those who would wish us harm.

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