Altitude youth group is our youth group aimed at highschoolers. We follow in the footsteps of Jesus by sharing a meal, enjoying ourselves and listening to the wisdom of others. We firmly believe that accepting Jesus in our lives can only be done by accepting those around us and becoming the best people we can be.

This program is part of our BUILDING series in which we aim to build up our young people. We strongly believe that by growing in a personal and spiritual nature we can all become young people that can change the world.

This program is built to balance fun, faith and personal development. We understand that young people want to have fun but we also have the belief that by engaging with material that is challenging and that has substance we can give our young people something far more valuable than just a good time.

The youth group takes special pride in being a part of our world. We talk about how we take our faith to the rest of the world and being missionary disciples, we look outward.

If any of this interests you, have a look at our dates section that shows our upcoming youth nights!