The Christ We Needed…The Christ We Didn’t Want

Easter. The glorious example of God’s love for us. God sent his own son (that was also himself) to die for us and to show us how much he truly loved us.

Person Holding Easter Egg on Palette Tray

People in the time of Jesus wanted a ‘Messiah’, a saviour who would rip back the land from the Romans by force and place it back into the hands of the faithful who had long awaited for their hero.

As we know, this did not turn out to be the case. Christ died on the cross at the hands of the Romans. Christ was thinking about a far bigger picture than just the land that the Jews resided in. Christ was referring to worldwide domination as well as his kingdom in heaven…the Jews would just have to wait a while to see it.

Knight Armor

In the Gospels we see the evidence of the early Christian community starting to change their ways of thinking. Some content from the Apostle Paul suggests that he believes Christ will return in his lifetime, but as time went on, other Apostles realised that this wouldn’t be the case.

If only these early Christians could see the world now, they could realise Christs vision. Christ didn’t just die for them, he died for EVERYONE. He didn’t just mean those who were alive at that point of Christs death, but everyone who would ever exist.

Ultimately, it isn’t Christs death that makes him special, we all die, but it’s his defeat of death and rising. Christ in his rising tells us that we are to join him in the afterlife.

Jesus Christ Statue

This type of thinking would of confused the hell out of the early Christians and the Jews who thought Jesus would rise a great kingdom and cast out the Romans. Christ was just pulling off a far bigger feat, he was playing the long game.

Thanks to Jesus playing that long game, people like you and me can come to know and love Jesus rather than reading about a man in a history book who was a great conqueror and ruler in the middle east…and let’s be honest, I forget all about those great generals from the history books, I like this version of Jesus far better.

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