“Come and See”

Brown Human Eye

In this coming Sunday’s reading (John 1:35-42) we hear a simple, yet profound message.

In this reading, John the Baptist is standing with two of his disciples and then all of a sudden Jesus walks past. John the Baptist is shocked and says “Hey fellas, its Jesus, the lamb of God”. Everyone is amazed! The two disciples run up to Jesus and ask “Rabbi, where do you live?” to which Jesus responds with “Come and See”. They all then go be with Jesus and some others join him and become disciples of Jesus.

I liken this experience to eating a really good meal. When you have a really good meal and someone asks “Is it good?” and since you know that the food is so good, the best thing you can do is give them a taste. Jesus does something very similar. Jesus is so confident in the message that he has to share that he simply says “come and see”.

Cooked Food

All to often in our spirituality we can get caught up with trying to explain our faith to others or convince them that our faith is real, but Jesus shows us there is a far more effective way.

Come and see. How many of us with our faith would be confident enough to simply say “come and see” to those who ask about our faith? Another valid question with this would be: Do we show our faith tangibly to the world or how do we show the joy of Christ to those around us?

Christ is within each one of us. By following in Christ and showing the world who we really are, Jesus can continue to say “Come and See” to allow more and more people to experience the love of Jesus.

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