YOUTHINK Whats going on with the youth!


Hi Everyone! It seems like term 2 just started but we

have already had such a loaded time within our youth
For our first Friday Night Live of the term, we had Trish
from Footsie Photos come out and tell us her amazing
story of perseverance and how she managed to get
through her life being born with no arms. Her inspiring
story will continue to be an enlightening experience for
Our second Friday Night Live that just went by was also
very exciting! We had an amazing time playing games and
eating great food. Our younger group (Grades 6-8) did
some really fun teamwork activities, while our older
group (Grades 9-12) did some awesome and insightful
stuff with our amazing leader Ben. Our next Friday Night
Live is on the 24th of May and the one after that will be at
Lazer Zone on the 14th of June!
Our young adult program (18+) is going really well this
year! We have had some great sessions, particularly our
last session with Ray Sanchez who talked about who
Jesus was and how we can be Jesus to those around us.
Our next Vivo will be on the 19th of May.
We are starting up a new ministry, Brawn! It is for
anyone aged 16 to 30 and is a fitness-focused faith group
that looks at the readings for the week before doing
some sort of fitness activity ranging from beach trips,
park runs and sports!
Our leadership team with people from grade 10 all the
way up to 25 years old has also had a wide range of social
activities ranging from seeing Avengers Endgame to
going to Flip out!
If any of this interests you and you want to be a part of
our youth ministry in any way, please don’t hesitate to
contact us through email, phone or our facebook!

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