Into the Flame: Miracles


When we look at the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000, we think, wow, that was amazing! But how did he do this? Did he physically create more loaves and fish? Did he open the hearts of the 5,000 people to share what food they carried on them? In truth, it doesn’t really matter, either way, Jesus through some miracle was able to feed 5,000 people, starting with only enough loaves and fish to feed a small boy.

But what does this mean for our modern day community? When I forget my lunch, is Jesus going to spawn more than enough loaves and fish around me so I can eat? Probably, not. My best bet would be to use that experience as learning so the next time I come into my office, I can remember to bring lunch. Jesus is telling us something much deeper.

Firstly, Jesus loved those around him at the time, he conveys this by giving them food. At the end, when everyone has eaten, there was much food left over. This is symbolic of Gods love for us, there will always be enough to go around.

Another way of looking at it, is like viewing us humans as house guests. When we go over to someones house, we are offered food and drink while we stay. When food and drink is no longer being offered to us and we feel hungry, it is a sign that it is time to leave. We are all living in Gods house and God never wants us to leave, so he will continually feed us.

While there may be times where we do feel like Gods love is finite and he is not feeding us, it is important to remember that God is with us all the way. In our suffering, we can often feel like God has abandoned us, like he has kicked us out of his house. In truth, God knows suffering just like the rest of us, we can see that by looking at the cross that Jesus was on. In reality, we have not been kicked from Gods house, we left and that could be for many reasons. But in turn, it doesn’t matter why we left, God will always be calling us back into his home, for us to eat at his table.

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