Deeper Water!

aerial-top-down-view-of-a-woman-swimming-underwater-in-a-deeper-water-with-white-sand-making-the-color-of-water-darker_sxfvpdmeex_thumbnail-full06.pngDEEPER WATER is calling us on! This month at VIVO we are exploring the theme of deeper water. Deeper water is something that is frightening to us all, it is full of strange creatures that exist at unknown depths. In life we often stick to the shallows, only venturing at a comfortable waist deep level before going back to shore.

Looking out to the ocean is an eye-opening experience. We see a vastness that is often difficult to attain elsewhere. It extends to the end of our vision, yet when we go out, we refuse to go any deeper than a surface level.

While frightening, we are diving into the deep and finding the hidden treasures that lay within us. We often look at ourselves and others at a surface level, only skimming the surface of who we really are. 95% of the world’s oceans are unexplored, diving deep and discovering what is really down there is a daunting task. However, part of the human condition is that we are curious. Every day, people are going deeper and deeper into our oceans, so why are we not searching deeper and deeper into who we are as people?

Just like the ocean calls us to go deeper into her depths, God calls us to explore ourselves and our spirituality deeper. Humans are just like the ocean. There is a lot to see at surface value, what color skin we have, our preferred clothing style, how we do our hair in the morning, but these things only show how we look and may only hint at how we really are underneath. Going deeper into our spirituality and who we are, allows us to really discover who we are and what we really believe.

So…Will you take the dive this month? Even if you don’t come to VIVO, who are you really? You are more than a body of water that stretches as far as the eye can see, you are deeper than you could possibly imagine with unknown depths hiding exciting treasures that are just waiting for you to discover. All it takes is for you to make the dive into the unknown depths, who knows what awaits you?


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